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Thursday, April 7, 2011


So many times we spend today planning for what's next, instead of truly being present. There are times when the world seems to move so fast it is hard to keep up. I find that reminding myself to simply breath and be grateful can somehow slow time and bring me back to the moment. As I grow older and experience more, it isn't the big trips or big awards in life that drive me to be a better woman. It is my 3 month old baby gently rubbing my arm as she rests on my shoulder, it is seeing my 2 year old's face light up when I walk in the room, it is hearing one of my practice members say their day is better because I was in it. I am just as grateful for the challenges I face each day. They are my opportunites to personally grow and serve more. A few training tools that have helped me develop this attitutde of gratitude include daily affirmations and saying thank you as often as I can during the day!